Hey everyone!

We are Joe Bruner and Dan Ward, the creators of Traveling with Salt. We first met at the Seattle Times where we deliver newspapers for the Single Copy Department. The idea for this blog started over casual conversations at local restaurants, after we would finish our shifts. What prompted us to act was the feeling of wanting to do more. Yes, delivering newspapers 8 hours a day on the same routes is thrilling, don’t get us wrong, but it seemed a shame to be learning so much about some of the finer details of Seattle and doing nothing with this knowledge.

We both have creative backgrounds in college. Joe Bruner earned his B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Redlands in Southern California. Dan Ward earned his B.A. in Photography from Sacramento State (CSU Sacramento). These creative backgrounds have helped fuel our interest in starting up this blog as well.

Over the months of working at The Times, we have gradually learned about the unique characteristics of different Seattle neighborhoods, along with the different types of restaurants in each of those districts. We’ve seen a lot of new restaurants pop up, and just as many close down for a variety of reasons. Our love of food and exploring different locations in the Greater Seattle area ultimately led to the creation of this blog.

What we are hoping to get from this experience: namely, a lot of good food. To explore more of Seattle in a local, intimate way. And ultimately to share these experiences in a way that’s refreshing and different to all walks of life.

What we hope you get from this blog: to come across some new restaurants and have new experiences. We want you to join us in our adventures and learn about restaurants in their local communities. Also, hopefully you will discover a new way to contribute to your community, and if you find yourself laughing or having a good time along the way, all the better!

Please delve in and enjoy!

Joe and Dan